​What is your main activity ?

Service station

Independence, accuracy of the diagnosis, efficiency, autonomy, reliability of the results: ITM has a very long experience of tightness tests of tanks and pipes and has become THE specialist !

Oil depot

Autonomy and efficiency on complex networks while limiting downtime during tightness tests. If a leak is detected, ITM can also locate it anywhere even if it’s underground.

Fuel depot

Tests made on aviation fuel storage requires the highest degree of reliability. ITM puts in place all the human and material ressources to reach the expected levels of requirements.


Diesel distribution, diesel generators, fire networks, storage and transfer of chemicals, demanding safety procedures, … ITM brings its discernment, its rigor, its professionalism.

What kind of equipment do you need ?

Testing equipment tanks and pipes services station

Perform reliable, accurate and efficient tightness tests of tanks and associated pipes with TODA PSI – ATEX (Petrol Station & Industry)

ATEX leak detection equipment for underground tanks and pipes

testing equipment for heating oil underground tanks and pipes

Based on technology used in industry and service station, ITM has developed an ergonomic and handy version.


Our clients are petroleum companies, inspection bodies, industries and dealers..

Compagnie Pétrolière Total Belgique
Compagnie Shell Belgique
Texaco Stations service
Station services Q8 Belgique
Stations service Pollet
Organisme de contrôle SGS Belgique
Groupe GSK GlaxoSmithKline
Station-services OCTA+ Belgique
Bureau Veritas Belgique
Stations service Pollet
Stations Service Auchan France
AS 24 Station services Belgique
Esso Belgique
Stations service Pollet
Stations Service Auchan France
Esso Belgique
Esso Belgique
Esso Belgique
Esso Belgique
Esso Belgique