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Testing types

  • Tightness testing on underground tanks and associated piping (ITM TODA-15)
  • Tightness testing of the inter-wall of tanks with double wall (ITM Technologies patent)
  • Tightness testing on piping and any volumes (ITM Technologies patent)
  • Leak tracing


Testing method ITM TODA-15


ITM TODA-15© testing method

The ITM TODA-15® testing method combines depressurization (vacuum) of tested components (pipes, tanks, accessories) with acoustic detection of "leak noise" in case of tight defects. The depressurization is the dynamical element which generates the emission of turbulences in non-tight areas. The "leak noises" (turbulences) are detected thanks to the right position of the sensors in the controlled Underground Storage Installation (Pipes, tanks (UST). The ATEX sensors are connected to the electronic interface TODA Unit. It enables the acoustic signals processing, the tightness testing and monitoring. The ITM TODA-15® testing method is mainly used in Storage Installation working under atmospheric pressure.



ITM Technologies Vehicle and its vacuum pump system

You immediately receive a complete report of your plant state according to the mandatory current regulation thanks to the fully equipped and autonomous ITM Technologies Vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with :

  • The complete technical equipment to put up detection sensors in all types of environments, even in explosive areas
  • A computer station for computer-assisted tightness testing
  • A vacuum pump system enabling the depressurization of whole installation


The Data Acquisition TODA Unit

It transmits data from the sensors to the computer. The data acquisition TODA Unit makes connection of up to 40 meters from vehicle to tank and simultaneously enables the testing of 4 tanks.


Intelligent ITM Technologies

Thanks to the technology perfected by our engineers, the information transmitted by the detection equipment is analyzed and graphically displayed. This enables the identification and localization of the source of each leakage (tanks, piping and accessories) and avoids the unnecessary equipment replacement.


ACOUSTIC Detection Sensors from ITM Technologies

ITM Technologies detection sensors offer exceptional performance. They make possible the detection of the smallest leaks which are invisible from the naked eye, and thereby prevent any undesirable pollution.

Furthermore, the sensors are automatically identified when the connection is established. ITM Technologies sensors have a cable length between 10 and 20 meters They can be immersed in a wide range of chemical products and are ATEX certified for applications in explosive areas.


Leak Tracing System

ITM Technologies use a leak tracing system, which is based on the properties of tracer gas, to detect and pinpoint leaks in underground pipes, even those buried in concrete. A tracer gas is injected to the pipe and runs up to the surface of the ground where the leaks are. This gas is neither flammable, nor toxic, nor corrosive, and is 100% environmentally friendly.


Training & Support

Educated in using the ITM Technologies equipment and the ITM Methodology in our ITM Competence Center. Continuous support provided by our skilled engineers.


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