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Data acquisition TODA Unit
  • Accurately transmitting data from the sensors to the computer
  • Effective data acquisition of up to 40 meters from van to tank
  • Testing of 4 tanks at the same time


Acoustic sensors ITM ATEX
  • 10m or 20m cable length with identification key (new !)
  • Outstanding performances :
    • Tiny leaks (difficult to the naked eye) are fully detectable allowing any undesirable pollution to be avoided.
    • ITM Technologies sensors have a cable length 10 or 20 m, can be immersed in a variety of different liquids and are ATEX certified for applications in hazardeous areas


Vacuum pump unit fully equipped
  • A variable flow controller
  • An electronic module with anti-implosion control
  • Double automatic gas filter system against air pollution
  • An automatic safety system against soil contamination by discharge


Software ITM TODA-15
  • Software ITM TODA-15 designed in accordance with "ISO 17020"
  • Audiovisual follow-up of real-time signals
  • History of all parameters with possibility of viewing the control in replay mode
  • Immediately generating a structured control certificate
  • Timetable for equipment checks
  • Able to visualise and record the data of severals sensors simultaneously
  • Distinguish / separate problems between tank and piping
  • Record all the audiovisual parameters
  • Configuration tank of 4 compartments -> 4 x 2 sensors



Light solution (trolley)


TODA Trolley Concept – 140mm (height) x 55mm (width) x 65mm (depth)
  • TODA Unit included PC and ITM TODA-15 Software installed for tightness testing
  • 1 set ITM Technologies sensors with 10m cable length
  • 1 vacuum pump system 50 m³/h with single phase motor, valves and pressure gauge
  • Electrical box including the computer control management for vacuum pump
  • 220v 50hz input for powering the vacuum pump and TODA UNIT
  • TODA UNIT shelf
  • 1 storage box (tools, ...)




  • 1 electronic unit « control bue box »
  • Inputs : 2 sensors, pression/depression tap, connection to mains (230V)
  • Ouputs : links to PC (USB, …), 24V output (vacuum pump control), …
  • 1 pression/depression transmit
  • Interface modules hardware/software
  • 1 ground terminal (equipotential setting)
  • 1 loudspeaker
  • 1 Notebook (headphones optional)
  • 1 Notebook shelf


Petrol station solution using a van



  • Highly professional workshop to set up and achieve tightness testing hazardous areas
  • A computer station for computer-assisted tightness testing
  • Test results recorded and print out on site



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