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ITM TODA-15 Equipment Advantages


The best market performances!
  • Optimazing pollution prevention (better than EPA standards)
    • EPA standards = 0.1 US gallon/h = 0.37 L/h = 8.9 L/day
    • ITM TODA-15 limit detection < 0,15 mm - leak value < 0.230 L/h = 5.5 L/day
    • ITM TODA-10 on analyse : limit detection = 0,10 mm
  • Superiority of performances in gas phase (Manhole cover - tank accessories - piping)
    • Detection and location of water ingress
    • Avoid pollution (eg : through filling)
    • Avoid gas vapors accumulation (reduce explosion risks)
  • Enables the control of 4 tanks and associated piping simultaneously
    • Test of installation during function (better identify and locate potential problems)
    • Limitations of disassembly and reassembly (avoid new problems)
    • Reduced disruption to the distribution
  • Testing tank size up to: 250.000 L (2 x 2 sensors)
  • Providing a SINGLE tightness testing technology for SEVERAL applications :
    • tanks and associated piping
    • inter-wall of tanks with double wall and/or piping with dubble walls (ITM Technologies patent)
    • long distance separate piping (ITM Technologies patent)
    • any volumes (radiators, testing of tanks in automotive, …)
  • Secure test with product in the tank with an automatic proposition of the authorized maximum depression (mbar) in function of the maximum product height (cm),(avoid imploding risks)
ITM Technologies Expertise Advantages


The best diagnostic available on the market!
  • Precision and reliability of our "complete reporting"
    • …thanks the many advantages due to the ITM TODA-15 equipment performances
    • …thanks our expertise on our own technology (Designer - Manufacturer - User)
  • Our ISO 17020 scope
    • tightness testing using the ITM TODA-15 acoustical method
    • hydraulic testing
    • leak detection system testing
  • Fast tank testing with associated piping: less than 2h
  • Avoid unnecessary remplacement of tank (optimizing investment)
  • Reduce the maintenance total costs (reliable diagnostic)
  • GEHSEVCA / LSC (safety standards compliance)
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